Monday, September 29, 2008

New Scrap Area

I decided to switch my scrap room yet again. I was in the storage "closet" of the basement. It was hard to go in there and work on stuff when the kids where on the other side of the wall playing and getting into trouble. So now I moved it into a corner of the basement opposite of their pay area. This way I can scrap and make sure that my kids stay out of TROUBLE.

Here is what it looked like before:


Now this is what I have done to it.

Table in which I craft:


Shelf that my dad made a long time ago no holds my embellishments, magazines and misc.


I am using an old book shelf and dresser to house albums, paper, stamps and other misc


Of course I would always love to have it organized with matching storage items but that doe snot happen when you are on a tight budget and buy too much stuff! ((rolling eyes))

So here is where I create! I hope you enjoy. I also hope that I can get some of my mojo back. I am getting there.......slowly. :)

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